Now they are gone

Well it’s been two months since I last wrote, usually this means that things have been going well and I haven’t needed the catharsis of writing, but between the 23rd April and now, a lot has happened.

So, when I left you I was picking myself up after breaking it off with a guy with whom I’d spent three wintery months hibernating in a sort of placid, platonic intimacy that I think comforted us both, excited neither of us, and which certainly wasn’t ticking any new boxes for me. Then he drove me into a lamppost on Valentine's Day and things rapidly went downhill. Since then I've celebrated my twin sisters' birthday with a fancy meal in Birmingham, visited friends in London (one of whom is pregnant and the other who has a gorgeous new baby boy), and been to Brighton where I utterly failed to keep up with the partying but got to hang out with friends on the beach. The weekend that I last posted on this blog I also saw the fantastic production of Jane Eyre by the National Theatre, and spent a wonderful afternoon at the Spa with (yet more) pregnant friends, having a relaxing massage.

Just two days after that post however, on the 25th April, my Nana died.

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